Copies of the Ultimate Transmasc/fem DIY Guides (for reference)

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This holds site-local copies of the transfem guide google doc and transmasc guide google doc listed at - using a simple trick to download as HTML with postprocessing, in case the original gets lost or taken down.

Note the raw copies are here - the listed versions have HTML translated to be nicer in this site:

Downloading and processing this is done through the following pair of scripts:

Notably, the important part is being able to download a google doc into different formats.

This script will download HTML and images as a zip folder containing the document named $zipfile. Feel free to use this for easy archival purposes.

# -L means following redirects ~ necessary for google docs download system
curl -L "$google_id/export?format=zip" -o "$zipfile"
Transfem Document
export google_id="1C8nqyvusNYg19CjnlZvGa-lFhoaitdxE8XuTry-1-YY"
Transmasc Document
export google_id="1-PQjbeL14fw8Rwh6F0ElaOvsqnDbBvVcFvOHibzVRbA"

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