So Now This Site Has Real RSS


A couple of people have been using janky RSS feeds by accessing <some-base-url>/<some-part-of-the-site>/index.xml. Because, up until now, I have always used relative URLs in everything (for ease of distribution in a folder), this meant the URLs in the RSS feeds would essentially have to be pasted on the end of one of my hosting locations.

Not the most user-friendly experience, but you shall suffer no longer, because I made this site have real RSS on all pages that list other pages. Note that almost all links in the site still use relative locations - and this will remain the case apart from where strictly necessary, like RSS feeds - but I now generate the website with a new baseURL for each hosting location.

Furthermore, the RSS links are also embedded on the entry in each listing page - thanks to compressed transfers, this should have minimal performance impact - not just in the titles.

Hopefully this will make subscribing to the parts of the site you care most about much easier.

Other additions include:

All sorts of fun stuff, really. Subscribe to RSS feeds liberally :)